Banking – Conventional & Syariah

The banking department offers and handles all types of conventional and
syariah compliant documentation work and advice in Brunei.

Whilst retail loan and security documentation is the norm, it has also advised local financial institutions on more specific range of matters including electronic PC Banking, banking security issues and services, money laundering and syndicated loans.

In field of Islamic banking and finance, the Firm also handles all forms of banking and security documentation. The Firm has also advised on the set up and “conversion” of a conventional practice bank to an Islamic practice bank in Brunei including the preparation of all its legal documentation.

The Firm was also involved in the first ever private sector driven Islamic issue and subscription of Brunei Dollars 100 million Sukuk Al- Ijarah (bonds) in Brunei involving a local petroleum company and an Islamic bank in Brunei. Since then, the Firm has gone on to advice an international bank on the subscription and participation of a short term Islamic Sukuk Al-Ijara money market programme issued by the Brunei Government. It is currently co-advising 2 banks on another major offering involving several hundred million Brunei Dollars.